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Wine production in Portugal, and even in Spain, France and Italy, recorded production losses in the order of 30%. The break was most significant in the Alentejo Region and Terras de Beira, in country interior.

The more coastal region benefited during the year from other levels of humidity, with dew (dew of the morning) to be preponderant.

In the post-harvest season, the price increase in new wines has been accentuated, largely because of the correlation between operators to intercede in the price due to lack of quantity in order to be able to respect commitments made with foreign market operators.

SIVAC, through its wineries and the partnerships had from an early date to respond to the market and in a way not to question the level of stocks either in quantity or quality.

In the region, the harvest translated an extraordinarily good harvest at the qualitative level. Look out for good wines.

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